There's never been a better time to expand your product line and add plant-based options to your mix. The plant-based and vegan market shows huge growth trajectory, and yet few businesses have successfully capitalised on these opportunities, meaning you'll get the jump on your competitors.

Plant-based eating is rapidly becoming more mainstream, and its supporters are fervently passionate about the movement. In addition, it will better enable you to reach the large percentage of the market who are actively reducing their intake of animal products such as meat and dairy.

Working with Walden will give you access to experts who understand these customer segments better than anyone else, and who understand the nuances and issues involved in competing in this rapidly growing niche. We'll also be able to demonstrate how providing plant-based options will give you a competitive advantage.


Product development,

communications strategy (integrate with teams, advertising, social),

market insights,


leverage CSR, 

positioning new products within your marketing mix