GreenBay Supermarket, London's first vegan grocery store, has opened

Sometimes, you just want to do the grocery shopping without having to read the ingredients list of every potential purchase to check if it is suitable for vegans. If only there was a place to go where somebody had done the work for you, a place where you could idly meander around the aisles and pick up any item that caught your eye… For Londoners, there now is.

On 13th August, GreenBay Supermarket, the capital city’s first 100% vegan grocery store, opened its doors to the public.

GreenBay Supermarket - London's first vegan grocery store

GreenBay Supermarket - London's first vegan grocery store

GreenBay's commitment to ethics

GreenBay Supermarket sells anything you would expect to find from any other supermarket, but with one twist – it’s all vegan. As well as committing to quality, convenience and great values, their website flaunts a 3-point ethos.

  • Firstly that it is good for the planet, because by shopping here you know that the products you buy have been responsibly sourced, including stocking exciting local brands.
  • Secondly, it is good for people because it is generally healthy.
  • Finally it is good for neighbours, i.e. our fellow human and animal inhabitants.

Founders Paula and Anderson aim to make their store a haven for plant-based shoppers, insisting that not only will you find your favourite vegan products but also specialist items that cannot be found anywhere else meaning you're bound to find something new. Intriguing!

Vegan products from food to cosmetics

It’s not just food either, with the outlet also stocked up on vegan, cruelty free body care and eco-friendly household products. Fresh fruit, vegetables, ice cream, milks, cheeses, chocolate, bread, personal care, laundry detergent, alcohol, flour, pet food.

From all the vegan treats to good old wholesome fruit and veg, GreenBay is a one-stop shop for vegan eating.

From all the vegan treats to good old wholesome fruit and veg, GreenBay is a one-stop shop for vegan eating.

But with so much to choose from, what are the most successful products so far? Well, the Follow Your Heart vegan egg ran out within less than a week, and the company’s Twitter reports that the Gozo Deli nut cheeses have been some of the best selling items. 

What’s more, it’s not just the products that the founders boast, but also the shop itself; they say that GreenBay is a combination of a supermarket and a health food store, bringing about an environment that blends the best of both worlds.

Where to find GreenBay

You can find GreenBay at 228 North End Road, West Kensington, London. The nearest tube stations are West Brompton and West Kensington, the latter being approximately 7 minutes away by foot. Currently they are open 8am until 7:30pm on weekdays except Mondays, when they close at 7pm; 9am until 8pm on Saturdays; 10am until 5pm on Sundays. These timings may change with demand, though, so keep an eye on the website to stay up to date on any changes, as well as daily deals.

The global trend of the vegan supermarket

Despite being the first vegan grocery store in London, this isn’t a world first. 5 years ago the first vegan supermarket chain in Europe opened its first shop when Veganz began in Berlin, with their motto “wir lieben Leben” meaning “we love life”. As of 2014 they have another Berlin store, as well as shops in Frankfurt, Hamburg, Essen, Cologne, Prague and Vienna. They have also announced plans to open a store in the USA, specifically Oregon, though this has been postponed until 2017.

Founded by Jan Bredack, former senior manager with Mercedes Benz and vegan himself, the wholesale activity of the company has increased rapidly over the past couple of years with successful shop-in-shop developments alongside hundreds of German chains such as Edeka, Globus and Metro. Still, for London that’s another vegan first ticked off the list!